Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fishing Gear For Redfish

Fly Fishing

  • 7 to 9 weight fly outfits with floating and clear floating lines are the standard.
Leaders for Redfish
  • Leaders ranging from 9 to 12 feet tapered to 10 to 12 pound test Seaguar Fluorocarbon. Lots of time snook and small tarpon occur in the same areas, in which case the wise thing to do would be to use the same leader system you would use for snook, incorporating a bite or 'shock' tippet.
Redfish Flies
  • Weedless fly patterns are sometimes necessary as the shallow and sometimes weedy habitat in which they often reside requires this. A weedguard also allows you to "crawl" flies over logs and Mangrove roots. There is a school of thought that says that weedguards will hinder hookups but I think that the benefits outweigh the negative in certain situations... weedguards should be light and only used when necessary. Reds will bite a wide variety of fly patterns, from small bonefish style crabs, streamers, to poppers.
Spin and Plug Fishing
  • Rod and Reel Six to Seven-foot med-light action spin and plug outfits spooled with ten-pound test mono are just right.
  • Rigging Ten pound test mono or #4 diameter braid is my choice. Topwater plugs, crank baits, jerk baits, tubes (bass style tubes), spoons and jigs are the standard for spin and plug casting. If snook and tarpon are in the area a heavier leader such as 30 to 40 pound test Flouro is essential.

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